Relocated from Christchurch, Buttercup Nails is a high quality home-based, full-service manicure salon located in Hinds and ready to serve the mid-Canterbury district.

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CND Shellac


Protect your nails with world-famous CND Shellac for flawless shine and no nail damage. I have seen a lot of different gel polish products in my time and there is no doubt in my mind, that CND Shellac is the gentlest and safest. Yes, it is an expensive product, but it is worth it. Always choose CND Shellac by a certified CND Nail Technician for a superior nail service.



Nail Extension technology has improved a lot over the last few years. Light and very natural looking, a full set of nude extensions can barely be distinguished from natural nails. I hand sculpt (no plastic tips or glue), to ensure the most perfect and natural fit for your nails.

Natural Nails


Nothing is more important to me, than the health of your natural nails. Without healthy nails, you will not have a good base for any nail service. I can help you grow your nails and help you keep your nails at their optimum health and looking their best.



CND Shellac mani in one colour.
2 feature nails: FREE
Embellishing/Art: Add $10
IBX Treatment: Add $10
Strengthening Layer: Add $5
Removal of old Shellac: Add $5

Sculpted extensions finished with plain Shellac.
2 feature nails: FREE
Embellishing/Art: Add $10
Custom/Extreme: Add $25
Rebalance: From $70


IBX Nail Restore system on nude nails, with a Naked Mani.
Add IBX to your Shellac mani for an extra $10.

Nail shape and cuticle work. Nails buffed to high shine. Hot towel wrap and hands moisturised.

Add a soothing, healing Paraffin Wax treatment to any service for an extra $10. Fantastic for aching joints or arthritic hands, plus your skin will be silky smooth.

Shellac removal with a Naked Mani to leave your natural nails in optimum condition.
with Naked Mani: Add $20


What should I consider before my first appointment?
Please ensure you make your bookings as early as possible, as I am sometimes booked out for some weeks in advance.

When you make your appointment, please let me know if you will have any product on your nails and what that product is.

If you have a specific design in mind, please email or text me a picture of the design, when you make your booking.

It is VERY important that you are on time, as being late means that we will need to reschedule your booking to another date.
How can I pay?
  • Cash
  • Smartphone Banking App
You can set me up for payment on your app with the following bank details:
Buttercup Nails
38 9020 0701155 00
**Please use your name as a reference.
Do you offer any Pedicure Services?
Not at this time.
Do you sell vouchers?
Yes I do.

Please text or email me with who the voucher is for, who the voucher is from and the amount you would like to gift. You can pay on pickup at a pre-arranged time, or you can pay online with my bank details as above and I can post the voucher out to you.
Do you take groups?
No. I am the sole technician at my salon and appointments are for one person only.
Can I bring my child?
Unfortunately, the salon is not a safe or appropriate place for children, so please organise childcare for your appointment so you can fully relax and enjoy your service.
What is IBX?
IBX is a professional only product that can repair damaged nails from within the nail plate itself. It is a penetrating, curable system that repairs damage and protects and toughens your nails.

IBX can be used on natural nails and under Shellac manicures. At least three treatments are recommended.
Do nails need to breathe?
This is a fallacy. Nails do not breathe at all and do not require a "break" from any products.

The nail plate is primarily composed of dead keratin filled cells and does not require an external oxygen supply, as all oxygen and other required nutrients are supplied via the bloodstream to the nail matrix.

It is safe to wear nail enhancements for as many months or years as you wish to.
Can you help nail biters?

I was a nail biter myself for many years, and understand how difficult it can be to stop.

After your consultation and being able to view your nails, I will then be able to give you my advice on what I feel is the best option for you, in order to be able to grow your own natural nails.


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