•  What should I consider when making an appointment?
  • Please ensure you make your bookings as early as possible, as I am often booked out for some weeks in advance.

    When you make your appointment, please let me know if you will have any product on your nails and what that product is. If you know exactly what you want on your nails, please email me a picture when you make your booking.

    It is VERY important that you are on time, as being late means that we will need to reschedule your booking to another date.

    Be sure to allow yourself enough time for your appointment, especially if it is your first visit, as I do an initial consultation with all new clients and have you fill out a health and information form. I do not rush through my clients. It is more important to me that you leave the salon with perfect nails.

    Please note: all new clients are required to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit, before their due appointment.
  •   What are gel nails?
  • "Gel nails" are often used to describe Shellac or gel polish manicures, which is not entirely correct. These are gel polish nails.

    Gel nails are actually a form of acrylic cured in a UV or LED lamp instead of air curing, like traditional acrylic.

    They can be used with or without extensions. A gel overlay will give your natural nails added strength and shine - or matte if you prefer. Gel extensions are similiar to acrylic extensions, but a bit more flexible. They are usually rebalanced by filing, although there are some soak-off gels on the market now.
  •   What is IBX?
  • IBX is a professional only product that can repair damaged nails from within the nail plate itself! It is a penetrating, curable system that repairs damage and protects and toughens your nails.

    IBX can be used on natural nails and under Shellac manicures. At least three treatments are recommended.
  •  Do you do pedicures?
  • No. Due to a long-standing back injury, I am no longer able to perform pedicures.
  •  Do you take groups?
  • No. I am the sole technician at my salon and appointments are for one person only.
  •  Can I bring my child?
  • No. I have a lot of chemicals, sharp tools and expensive equipment in my salon and it is not suitable for children. Please ensure you arrange childcare beforehand, so you can relax and enjoy your nail service.
  •  Aren't acrylics bad for your nails?
  • Nail enhancements don’t ruin natural nails – people do!

    The reason for damage is due to over-filing and thinning of your natural nail plate and improper removal techniques.

    Some nail establishments will use cheap product for their acrylics, but these products have very bad adhesion properties. In order to get the lower quality product to "stick" to the natural nail, they need to really rough up the surface of the nail with a file or drill, which is VERY damaging. This damage will take months to grow out.

    On the other hand, a professional nail technician, using quality nail products, does not need to gouge up your natural nail so your nail plate is not damaged by the acrylic product, or by its removal.
  •  Do nails need to breathe?
  • This is a fallacy. Nails do not breathe at all and do not require a "break" from any products.

    The nail plate is primarily composed of dead keratin filled cells and does not require an external oxygen supply, as all oxygen and other required nutrients are supplied via the bloodstream to the nail matrix.

    It is safe to wear nail enhancements for as many months or years as you wish to.
  •  Can you help nail-biters?
  • Absolutely!

    I was a nail biter myself for many years, and understand how difficult it can be to stop.

    After your consultation and being able to view your nails, I will then be able to give you my advice on what I feel is the best option for you, in order to be able to grow your own natural nails.

  •  Do you have gift vouchers?
  • Yes.
    Please let me know who the voucher is for, who it is from, and the amount you want the voucher for. You can either arrange a time to pick up from my address, or I can post it out to you, once I received payment. You can email me here.

    My bank account details are:
    Meredith Telford
    38 9008 0014926 00
  •  How can I pay?
  • You can pay either in cash or on your phone with your banking app. You can also prepay with Internet banking.
    To set me up on your phone or for Internet banking, my details are:

    Meredith Telford
    38 9008 0014926 00
  •  Why are my nails so soft when my acrylics are removed?
  • Nail plates are comprised of dead keratin-filled cells which are kept flexible by oils and moisture which travels upwards from the nail bed and eventually out of the nail plate to evaporate.

    When you have enhancements on your nails, this slows down the evaporation rate of the liquids out of the nail plate. When the enhancements are removed, your nails will have more liquids in them, making them appear softer and more bendy. If you wait a couple of hours, the liquids will have evaporated as normal and your nails will be back to their original state.
  •  What are sculpted nails?
  • Sculpted nails are nail extensions (either gel or acrylic), that are created without using a plastic tip or adhesive.

    The nail extensions are sculpted with a brush, directly onto your own natural nail, which ensure a perfect fit for you.

    If a plastic tip is glued on, and is just slightly the wrong size or curve, it can be quite uncomfortable and even cause damage to your nails.

    Sculpted nails are quite a skill, but ensure a very natural and strong enhancement. Buttercup Nails sculpts all nail enhancements.
  •  What is Shellac?
  • Shellac is the brand name for CND Shellac power polish. There is only one Shellac product and that is the genuine CND product that I use in my salon.

    Unfortunately, a lot of places call their "gel polish" by the name Shellac, when they are actually using a different product altogether. It can be difficult for clients to know what they are actually paying for, especially when there are also a lot of knock offs and counterfeited products, posing as Shellac too.

    Buttercup Nails is a CND Certified Shellac Salon, which means I use the entire CND Shellac system, from the prep and cleanser, to the LED lamps and follow CND Shellac protocol for every Shellac service.

    Shellac is a hybrid polish that is cured in either the CND UV or CND LED lamp and lasts on most clients for 2-3 weeks.
  •  What is a re-balance?
  • A re-balance is the maintenance required when you have nail enhancements, such as acrylic or gel extensions.

    As your nails grow under your enhancements, the apex (thickest part of the nail enhancement which gives it strength over your natural stress point), moves further down the nail and the nail enhancement becomes unbalanced and your stress point is no longer strengthened.

    You will also see unsightly regrowth at the base of your nails, as your own natural nails grow. This is particularly noticeable if you have a colour on your enhancements.

    Re-balances are generally carried out every 2 weeks, although, if your nails grow slowly, you may be able to have maintenance every 3 weeks. This involves shortening and reshaping of the acrylic or gel enhancement, so that the apex is correctly placed again for strength. Your regrowth is also filled in with fresh product.
  •  Can I remove my nail enhancements myself?
  • I would strongly suggest you don't remove your nail enhancements yourself, as it quite likely you will end up damaging your nails, which could take months to grow out.

    Removals should be done by a professional who knows the system they are removing, as they will have the correct professional removal liquids to remove the product safely and with no damage.