•  CND Shellac
  • CND Shellac manicures include free removal of old CND Shellac.

    Classic: $60

    French: $65

    Custom: (starts at) $70
  •   CND Shellac Add-Ons
  • Soak-off Overlay: +$10

    IBX Nail Repair System: +$10

    Overlay: +$25

    Extensions: +$45
  •  IBX Nail Repair System
  • IBX is a revolutionary product that can repair damaged and weak nails from within the nail plate itself!
    A minimum of three treatments is recommended.

    IBX Treatment only (with manicure): $45

    With Shellac application: +$10
  •  Acrylic/Gel/Hybrid Nails
  • Overlays

    Soak-Off Overlay: $55

    Overlay: $70

    Sculpted Extensions

    Natural: $85

    Custom: starts at $110

    Extreme: starts at $120

    Rebalance Maintenance: subtract $10
  •  Repairs & Removals
  • All product removals include a professional manicure with conditioning treatment to leave your nails in the best possible condition.

    One repair with Rebalance: FREE
    Other repair with Rebalance: $7 per nail
    Repair only: $15
    Removal of Buttercup Nails extensions: $55
    Removal of other salons extensions: starts from $60

    CND Shellac removal: $40
    Other "gel polish": starts from $45
  •  Natural Manicure
  • Natural Manicures include filing, shaping, buffing, conditioning and hot towel wraps. Bombshell mani also includes a paraffin wax treatment.

    Starlet Mani: $40
    Bombshell Mani: $55
    IBX treatment: +$10